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For questions about our CSA, or to reserve your share, call farmer Mike at 518-854-3844 or send him an email at

*Update  5/7/11 – As we approach the beginning of our first CSA season next week, we are extremely pleased to announce that our CSA is now completely full. Thank you to everyone who signed up or expressed support. We will be offering another CSA later in the summer, so if you missed out this time, stayed tuned for details on the next Flying Pigs Farm “Snout-to-Tail” CSA.

Flying Pigs Farm L.L.C. announces the launch of its “Snout-to-Tail” Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. The CSA will run for ten weeks beginning Tuesday, May 10, 2011. In addition to a cooler bag containing three to five cuts of frozen pork, CSA members will receive a weekly prep schedule and meal plan for the week’s cuts designed by Peter Hoffman, owner and Chef of the celebrated Savoy and Back Forty restaurants in NYC.

Two convenient Manhattan pick up locations include Bill Telepan’s acclaimed Telepan restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Peter’s Back Forty in the East Village. In addition, shares can also be picked up on the SUNY-Albany campus on Wednesdays. Shares cost $550, a $50 total savings over regular Flying Pigs Farm prices. A $20 discount is available for members who pay in full by April 18, 2011. Eggs can be added for $25 (one dozen every other week).

Flying Pigs Farm pork, chicken, and eggs are usually sold at Greenmarkets in NYC, online across the country, and to leading restaurants such as ABC Kitchen, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Gramercy Tavern, Il Buco, Jean-Georges, Marlow & Daughters, Mas (farmhouse), Savoy, Telepan, and others. The high quality of Flying Pigs Farm pork has been noted in Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Oprah’s “O” magazine, The New York Times, GQ, Gourmet, New York Magazine, and several other national publications.

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)? If you are unfamiliar with the CSA concept, or are interested in more detailed information, check out this page set up  by the USDA.

The Goods: Each week, you’ll receive between three and five frozen cuts. Our goal is to give you something to cook as a main dish for two people (e.g. 2 pork chops, a blade roast, a rack of spare ribs), and then a few versatile items that you can either enjoy on their own or use as part of your own culinary adventures (e.g. sausages, bacon, sliced ham, liverwurst, etc.). Click here for a full list of the cuts you’ll receive and when you’ll receive them.

Dates of the CSA: Starting on Tuesday, May 10, members will receive a cooler bag of rare breed Flying Pigs Farm frozen pork every Tuesday evening for 10 weeks (May 10 through July 12, 2011). Cooler bags need to be swapped out each week.

Pickup Locations/Times: Members may choose one of four locations to pick up their weekly CSA share:

1) Back Forty (Avenue B at 12th, East Village, Manhattan), Tuesday evenings, tentatively scheduled for 5-7pm.

2) Telepan (69th and Columbus, UWS, Manhattan), Tuesdays, 5-7pm.

3) Flying Pigs Farm (Shushan, NY), Tuesdays by appointment. (Yes, we’re 200 miles north of New York City!)

4) Albany, NY: Because of the response we’ve received from the Capital Region in the past few days, we’re happy to offer an Albany CSA pickup location! The CSA will run during the same dates as NYC (May 10 – July 12). The pickup location will be on the SUNY-Albany Campus on Wednesdays from 4:30pm – 6:30pm. Sign up for a share by April 25th and receive a $20 discount. Contact us for more info!

Cost: The cost for the Flying Pigs Farm “Snout-to-Tail” CSA is $550,a $50 savings over regular retail prices. For an extra $25 we’ll include a dozen of our eggs every other week. We can take payment at our Grand Army Plaza (Saturday) or Union Square (Fridays and Saturdays) Greenmarket stands or you can mail a check to the farm (246 Sutherland Road, Shushan, New York 12873-1805). Members who pay in full by April 18 will receive a $20 discount.

Cooking Guide: Members will receive a basic weekly prep schedule and simple meal plan designed by Peter Hoffman, owner and chef of Savoy and Back Forty restaurants.

Top Six Reasons* You Should Join Our CSA:

1) Bacon. Guaranteed. No more tears when someone just before you at the farmers’ market snatches the last package. No anxiety. Instead, you’ll receive bacon in your box 4 out of 10 weeks.

2) Fifty Bucks. Spend $50 less than purchasing these same cuts at the farmers’ market.

3) Variety. It’s the spice of life, and the different cuts in this CSA will keep you interested in pork, week after week. The head will appear in the form of rillettes and liverwurst (which is half jowl), and the tail will appear—well—looking just like a tail.

4) Refreshing Pick-Up Spots. What better excuse to kick back on a Tuesday night with a Tequila Fresca at Telepan, a Ginger Flip at Back Forty, or a beer with Mike and Jen on the farm? All while plotting your cooking scheme for the week with other pork aficionados.

5) Cool cap. You’ll get an embroidered Flying Pigs Farm baseball cap with your first share.

6) Peter Hoffman’s guidance. As the New York Times stated in its review of Savoy, this guy was “a locavore before the word existed.” What more can you ask for?

*Come up with another reason to join our CSA–one that other members choose as the best reason of those suggested—and we’ll give you an autographed copy of Bill Telepan’s gorgeous cookbook “Inspired by Ingredients.”

Contact: For more info, or to become a CSA member, contact farmer Mike at (518) 854-3844 or email Checks can be sent to Flying Pigs Farm, L.L.C., 246 Sutherland Road, Shushan, New York 12873-1805.