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Restaurant Price List

As of January 1, 2016

Cut Weight Price
Fresh Half Pigs 90-110 lbs $4.60/lb
Fresh Half Pigs 40-60 lbs $5.50/lb
Includes skin, head, feet, etc.
Fresh Whole Heads 15-20 lbs $3.00/lb
Fresh Whole Shoulder 17-22 lbs $5.00/lb
Fresh Whole Leg 15-20 lbs $5.00/lb
Fresh Whole Loin 17-22 lbs $9.00/lb
Fresh Whole Belly 11-16 lbs $11.00/lb
Includes skin

Prices include:
Friday delivery in Manhattan
Friday or Saturday pick-up at Union Square
or Saturday pick-up Grand Army Plaza.

Please call Mike Yezzi at 518-222-5166 for more information.

Some reviews:

“Flying Pigs Farm in upstate New York still breeds the kind of pigs that produce rich, savory meat—a taste revelation.” 
-GQ Magazine

“Yezzi and Small sell this stunningly rich, moist ‘heritage pork’ in New York City to discerning restaurants like Savoy and to the ultrapremium butcher Lobel’s.”
-Food & Wine

“At any price, their pork is top notch…the meat is sweet, complex, and super-flavorful.  Highly recommended.”
-New York Sun

“A pork roast from Flying Pigs Farm is a revelation.  It has a wonderful, rich flavor and a satiny buttery texture.”
-Ed Levine, Business Week Magazine

“When pasture-raised meat is good, it’s unforgettable.  Small and Yezzi’s pork is freckled with marbling and is red like beef.  The meat is dense but not tough and the fat melts slowly, so when you’re braising, it takes hours for it to soften, and as it cooks, the fat keep bathing the meat, making it silky.  You can also cook this pork simply—grilling or roasting it, for instance.  There’s no need to infuse it with extra fat and flavor, which is necessary with commercial pork.”
-Amanda Hesser, New York Times Magazine